Yes, We dont perform any credit checks and base our decision on your circumstances.

We like to keep things simple, Just place your order as normal, Complete our finance application online, Choose your repayments, Get your item delivered.

Yes we cover all fo the UK including Northern Ireland, if your area is in lockdown we will still deliver however you may be restricted to door step delivery only.

We are resposnible for both your finance and your items. There are no other companies involved, We are both the lender and the supplier.

As a new customer we can only offer you 1 item initially. However once your 12 payments have been made you can then take more products.

No, We dont charge any interest on our products and the weekly price is what you will pay for 12 weeks.

As a new customer, The maximum term is 12 weeks however after your 12 payments have been made you are then eligible for more items and can spread the payments up to 12 months.

These are products that are only available for existing customers who have already completed an agreement. You will be eligible for these items once your intial agreement is complete.

We have now added our 60 second finance application online meaning once you place your order you will get a instant decision after completing your finance application.

We may potentially be able to help however we prefer to do weekly payments so your intial agreement ends quicker meaning you can then get a wider range of products available.

Absolutely, As long as the item is affordable we are happy to help.

Very simple, We dont believe a computer score actually determines wether someone pays on time. We make sure the item is affordable for you to pay each week.

All our products come with a 12 month warranty

Again, We want to be different to other lenders, You will recieve a text message before your payment is due. If you think you may struggle to make the payment there will be a link in the text allowing you to simply rechedule your payment date.

Payweek is owned by an independent retailer that offers products alongside various finance providers.

Our owners realised how many people they would have to turn away on a daily basis and wanted to make a change. Payweek was then created to create an online store where everyone can get a product and spread the cost regardless of credit score.

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